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on sex

(keyboard keys typing) - my name's hillary, and i make a lot of videos about sex. sometimes it can bedifficult to find research because really who's giving us this data,

on sex, and are they telling the truth? i sat down with a datascientist named seth who's been studying whatwe can learn about people's sex lives from their online activity.
- you're a data scientist, right? - yeah. - so, tell everyone what that means. - as a data scientist i look through thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of data points, and try to notice patterns in them to learn about human behavior, to learn about what people really want,
and what people are really doing. it's putting together everybody's anonymous aggregate data. - so, when i googlesomething about my sex life, you don't know that i did it. - i definitely do not know that. - so, what has he learned? well, it seems like a lot of people lie, and the data doesn't always match up.
- the first thing i lea…