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When is it safe to be active after doing use hajar jahanam for sexual it is very different sexual treatment for prostate cancer? sex after treatment for prostate cancer canbe a little bit worrisome, both on how you're going to function and then what's going tohappen. after a radical prostatectomy and after radiation, often times the ejaculatewill be dry. don't be shocked by this. sometimes after radiation or cryotherapy there willbe blood in the ejaculate, again, don't be

news, sex
news, sex, shocked by this. talking about it with yourpartner and talking about it with your doctor is the best way to not be afraid and not bescared. there is no reason that you shouldn't resume normal sexual activity after treatmentfor prostate cancer. sexual activity can resume after prostate cancer treatment anywhere froma week to a month after treatment, but you'll

need to talk to your doctor about when itssafe to start. some prostate cancers are high risk, aggressive,and more likely to spread. others are low risk, least likely to havebad outcomes. the biopsy says cancer, but current diagnostic tools provide limitedinformation about how aggressive a manĂ¢€™s individual disease is, so most mendecide to treat prostate cancer immediately. once treated, many men experienceserious long-term side effects like incontinence and sexual impotence. immediatetreatment is not always needed, but right now a man canĂ¢€™t be sureif his cancer is the kind that is likely to require treatment or if he is okay to waitfor now. what if there was a test

that could determine how aggressive prostatecancer is. genomic health is developing a new test to do just that. byreviewing the underlying biology of the tumor and using genes from multiple biologicpathways, the test can predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer when diagnosed,allowing a man to make a more informed treatment decision with confidence,taking care of himself with more information and greater peace of mind.


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